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When a negligent or reckless act alters your life’s path, our team at Phillips Froetschel is ready to help you find a way forward. Laura and Joe are here to guide you through the legal process, remaining by your side from your case’s beginning until its end.

Attorneys Laura Phillips and Joe Froetschel

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At Phillips Froetschel, LLC, we prioritize personal attention, which leads directly to proven results. We are selective about the injury cases we take on, and our specialized caseload benefits you. We have found that the clients we do take on get better service, tailored guidance and the attention they deserve. Each member of our team believes you shouldn’t have to sacrifice results for compassion, concern and understanding.

When you or a loved one has been seriously injured due to medical malpractice or a car crash or other negligent cause, you want answers. Attorneys Laura Phillips and Joe Froetschel guide accident survivors and their loved ones through the cumbersome legal system to find answers. As your advocates, they will seek the most efficient approach for your claim and pursue the most compensation possible for your losses. We are here for you when the results matter.

Attorneys Laura D. Phillips and Joseph Froetschel
Attorneys Laura Phillips and Joe Froetschel

Your Go-To Medical Malpractice Firm

There’s a reason so many people come to Phillips Froetschel, to represent them in their malpractice cases. Laura Phillips and Joe Froetschel have the experience to evaluate a case’s potential and how much it may be worth. They have the means and the drive to take on negligent medical providers who misdiagnose medical conditions and make surgical mistakes. Laura and Joe have won numerous significant results for clients in cases involving misdiagnosis such as cancer, heart attack, stroke and surgical errors.

They also work with people who are victims of birth injuries such as HIE, cerebral palsy, failure to perform C-section, failure to perform cerclage, and failure to prevent preterm labor. Medical malpractice claims are among the most intricate personal injury cases, but Laura and Joe are equipped to assert your interests in or out of Pennsylvania courtrooms.

Fierce Legal Support After Traumatic Births

It’s difficult to describe the kind of stress, pain and distrust parents feel when they and their child have suffered a birth injury. The people you are supposed to be able to trust the most have fundamentally betrayed that trust. When doctors’ errors have led to a birth-related injury, like brain bleeds, hypoxia or pre-term birth, we have the experience, knowledge and dedication to hold major medical providers accountable.

Laura and Joe are caring, conscientious counselors who know what you are going through. They can steer you through the legal maze of proving liability and seeking compensation so you can move forward with your life again.

As your lawyers, we consider all damages and seek the maximum compensation you deserve. We know that birth-related injuries, both to the mother and to the baby, can lead to longstanding medical issues, and we pursue a financial award that truly accounts for your long-term needs.

Attorneys Attorney Laura D. Phillips and Joseph Froetschel

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