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We Help People Seek Compensation For Devastating Injuries

Accidents happen all the time, but some incidents result in worse consequences than others. When an accident results in the death of a victim or lifelong injuries, the liable party should be held responsible for the catastrophic injuries they caused. With the help of a skilled Pennsylvania personal injury attorney, you can see justice brought after your injury.

At Phillips Froetschel, LLC, attorneys Laura Phillips and Joe Froetschel know how life-changing a catastrophic injury can be, and they know how to seek fair compensation for what you experienced. Laura Phillips and Joe Froetschel have considerable experience in a vast array of personal injury and medical malpractice cases and we are ready to put that experience to work for you.

The Guidance You Need For Your Claim

Not everyone can file a claim after a tragic accident. If the victim survived, they (or their parent or guardian) would likely need to file a claim; if they did not survive, only the decedent’s family members or their legal representative (if they have one) can file a claim.

In a personal injury claim, the plaintiff can seek compensation for the costs of their injuries, including lost income, medical expenses, loss of earning potential, relocating or renovating to accommodate a disability, scarring, disfigurement, psychological injuries, and pain and suffering.

In a wrongful death claim, fair compensation includes the lost future income of the decedent, as well as retirement contributions, health coverage, loss of consortium and more.

When Phillips Froetschel, LLC takes a client’s case, our team does everything in our power to maximize the compensation they receive. From gathering evidence like medical documents and witness testimony to consulting with expert witnesses, no effort is out of the question for our clients.

Our Experience Is Your Advantage

Even when insurance offers you a settlement for the accident, you may still be able to get more than their initial offer. Let us act on your behalf in your claim while you focus on recovering from your injuries or loss. Call our Pittsburgh office at 412-643-0682 or email us here to schedule your free initial consultation and begin developing your custom-tailored representation strategy today.