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Experienced Representation For Medication Dosing Errors In Pennsylvania

Getting the wrong dose of a medication can cause you or your loved one permanent injuries. Who can you trust when your doctor or another medical professional has already failed you?

Turn to our team at Phillips Froetschel, LLC. Founding attorneys Laura Phillips and Joe Froetschel have been looking out for the interests of medical malpractice victims in the Pittsburgh area for decades. Since we are a small firm, we are actively involved in every case – and we get big results.

What Is A Medication Dosing Error?

Wrong doses, missing doses or the wrong medication altogether are among some of the most common hospital errors. While there are many administrative and procedural processes in place that are designed to prevent these errors from happening, they are still a problem.

Medication errors can happen for numerous reasons:

  • Medical professionals may fail to obtain a list of the patient’s other medications before prescribing new ones.
  • A doctor might mix one patient up with another and prescribe the wrong drug entirely.
  • Doctors could fail to consider risk factors for adverse events with a given drug before prescribing or fail to adequately warn the patient about any dangers.
  • Pharmacists may overlook patient allergies or mix one like-sounding drug up with another when they fill prescriptions.
  • Nurses might misread a prescription and dispense the wrong dose to a hapless patient.
  • Various medical providers could fail to monitor a patient closely for adverse reactions after a new drug is administered for the first time.

Everything from ordinary fatigue to communication breakdowns between medical professionals can lead to medication errors.

Let An Experienced Lawyer Fight For You

Medical errors can lead to catastrophic injuries. If you or your loved one suffered an adverse medical event and injuries related to a medication dosing error, you need compassionate, dedicated representation to protect your legal interests.

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