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Our Case Results

$4,886,114 verdict for an individual who was paralyzed because of delayed diagnosis of spinal infection

$4,000,000 confidential medical malpractice settlement

$3,500,000 settlement for woman who lost her leg after knee replacement surgery

$3,173,000 – for man killed on construction site due to defective equipment

$2,731,000 jury verdict for woman hit by Port Authority bus who had her leg amputated

$1,875,000 obstetrical injury settlement

$1,750,000 for patient who died as a result of negligent catheterization

$1,423,500 confidential settlement against bar for two passengers who were injured by drunk driver

$1,365,000 for mother of slain worker who was shot and killed by coworker

$1,250,000 settlement, failure to diagnose stroke

$1,200,000 medical malpractice settlement for woman who lost her leg due to misdiagnosis in emergency room

$1,210,000 settlement for mother of a passenger who died as a result of injuries sustained by drunk driver

$900,000 settlement for woman who suffered a nerve injury during surgery

$825,000 settlement, failure to diagnose skin cancer

$500,000 medical malpractice settlement for patient with cancer that aspirated

$490,000 settlement for man who sustained a concussion in automobile collision

$450,000 settlement, failure to diagnose retinal detachment

$410,000 for man who was injured in auto accident because of defectively designed roadway

$400,000 settlement, nerve injury during wrist surgery

$375,000 settlement, slip and fall resulting in Achilles tendon tear

$340,000 for man injured by drunk driver

$360,000 settlement for steelworker who sustained electrical burns and for rotator cuff and labral tear

$342,000 for individuals injured by drunk driver

$325,000 for man hit by car in a parking lot and had to have a hip replacement

$315,000 for woman who underwent abdominal surgery following collision with tow truck

$285,000 for cyclist hit by motor vehicle and sustained facial scarring

$280,000 jury verdict, kidney injury following aortic aneurysm repair

$265,000 for man injured by defective design on work truck

$250,000 for injured individual who had a drill bit break and lodge in his eye impairing his vision

$235,000 settlement, bowel injury during surgery

$214,000 non-jury verdict for woman with a concussion who was hit by a drunk driver