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Protectors Of Pennsylvania Truck Accident Victims

No matter where you are driving, sharing the road with commercial trucks can be scary. Whether you’re traveling on the Pennsylvania Turnpike or on local roads, you could get seriously hurt if you are involved in a truck accident, since trucks are much larger than passenger vehicles.

At Phillips Froetschel, LLC, in Pittsburgh, our attorneys understand the challenges that truck accident victims face. They have over four decades of combined experience and are committed to putting clients first as they navigate their routes to recovery.

Liability In Truck Accident Cases

A common assumption is that truck drivers are usually responsible for truck accidents. Oftentimes, they are culpable, particularly if distraction, impaired driving or speeding caused the collision. Yet, other parties are sometimes to blame, including:

  • Cargo loaders: Improperly loaded cargo can fall off trucks or cause truck drivers to lose control. Cargo loaders may be responsible for truck accidents caused by these issues.
  • Government entities: Road conditions and improper road maintenance can contribute to truck accidents. The government – or government contractors – may be at fault in these situations.
  • Manufacturers: When truck accidents occur due to equipment malfunctions, manufacturers may shoulder the blame.
  • Trucking companies: Some trucking companies fail to train drivers properly and many push them past legal limits to meet quotas. Trucking companies sometimes skimp on important vehicle maintenance, too. They may, then, bear responsibility for truck accidents caused by these factors.

In some truck wrecks, multiple parties may be liable, and it might be necessary to file multiple claims. If you find yourself in this scenario, a truck accident attorney can help you understand your options for pursuing accountability.

We Can Help When Big Rigs Cause Big Problems

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