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Protecting Your Loved Ones In Their Nursing Home

When our loved ones get to the stage in their life where they need the services of a nursing home, it can be devastating to hear that the home we have chosen for them is harming them. When something like this happens, filing a nursing home negligence or abuse claim can ensure that your loved one sees justice for what they went through while also holding the liable party accountable.

At the Pittsburgh office of Phillips Froetschel, LLC, attorneys Laura Phillips and Joe Froetschel have decades of combined experience protecting residents after they suffer from abuse in their nursing facilities. We want to see you earn the outcome you deserve in your case, whether we have to pursue it through negotiation or litigation.

How We Advocate For Victims

Nursing homes and nursing facilities become our loved ones’ new home, and those facilities have an obligation to provide a safe, caring, therapeutic and healthy environment for their residents. Nursing homes must properly assess resident’s needs and how best to prevent injury to their residents, including conducting thorough and accurate assessments of resident’s needs, implementing appropriate fall and safety precautions, providing prompt and thorough medical care and regularly monitoring resident’s physical and emotional health. If a loved one has suffered from repeated illness or falls in a nursing facility, or they are showing signs of potential abuse or neglect (such as bruising, dehydration, unclean surroundings or unexplained weight loss), you may have a personal injury case or wrongful death action.

Do not make the mistake of making any decision about this situation without first speaking to an experienced attorney.

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