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Accepting A Settlement And Releasing Liability

When employees suffer serious injuries at work and file a workers’ compensation claim, they may be offered a settlement by the insurance company. If they want to accept this settlement, they can sign the compromise and release (C&R) and accept the money. Doing so releases the employer’s workers’ comp insurance company from liability – either in part or entirely.

It can be very helpful to work with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Pennsylvania, which is why we encourage you to call us at Phillips Froetschel, LLC. We have more than 40 years of combined experience. We work hard to ensure that our Pittsburgh clients maximize their claims and fight for the benefits they deserve. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help you determine whether or not accepting the settlement offer is a wise decision after suffering a workplace injury.

Why Would You Reject The Offer?

Many people assume they should just accept the offer and start paying their bills, but this is not always the best option.

For one thing, C&Rs are often sent quickly, before you have a full evaluation of your injuries. If you accept the settlement offer and close the case, you may not get proper compensation for future costs and medical bills. These offers usually include a “voluntary resignation.” This means you cannot raise a claim against the insurer if you sign the documents and then later find out that your injury is worse than you thought. It’s critical to seek full compensation from the very beginning.

Additionally, the documentation can include vague or complex language, so it is often wise to use a lawyer even if accepting the offer is the right option. You do not want to make assumptions or overlook anything.

Do You Have A Personal Injury Claim?

Some workers’ comp cases – such as those involving car accidents – may also warrant a third-party personal injury claim. Working with experienced lawyers can help you explore all potential sources of compensation. If you’d like to get started with a free consultation, call 412-643-0682 today. You pay nothing unless we win.