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How can workers cover the cost of violence-related work injuries?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2024 | Personal Injury

Workers get hurt on the job due to a variety of different issues. Some people get hurt when equipment malfunctions. Others develop medical conditions due to repetitive job functions. Workers injured by equipment or the mistakes of a co-worker likely know that they could file a workers’ compensation benefits claim. They can request coverage for medical care and for their lost wages.

There are many other, less common scenarios that could lead to worker injuries. Those scenarios might include an attempted robbery at a retail establishment or a co-worker becoming physically violent. Violence in the workplace can put someone in the hospital and leave them unable to work for weeks or possibly longer. How can workers cover the costs generated by a violent incident on the job?

Workers’ compensation coverage likely still applies

The workers’ compensation system extends protection to employees regardless of the circumstances that led to their injuries. Employers carry no-fault coverage that applies regardless of who is to blame for the incident.

A company likely cannot predict or control workplace violence, but a violent incident could still lead to a successful workers’ compensation claim. Violence in workplaces has been on the rise in recent years, with increasing reports of worker injuries in medical settings, retail environments and many other industries.

The injuries that people incur in a violent incident could range from severe traumatic injuries caused by weapons to brain injuries caused by a punch to the face. Those injuries could generate massive medical expenses and leave someone unable to work until they recover. In some cases, they might actually need to change professions.

Employees can recover a portion of their lost wages until they return to work. They might also be eligible for permanent disability benefits if they cannot resume working or have to move into a lower-paid career because of their injuries. They should also be able to rely on full medical coverage for all necessary treatments.

Sometimes, workers fail to report a violent altercation or to seek benefits because they do not understand their rights. Learning more about how workers’ compensation benefits – and the potential for personal injury damages – function can be useful for those coping with the aftermath of an injurious incident at work. Workers who know their rights are potentially able to seek the benefits they require when a job incident affects their health and finances.